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  • 203. Hardtail mountain bikes with studded tires (with spikes)

203. Hardtail mountain bikes with studded tires (with spikes)

Address: Sjøgata 14, 9008 Tromsø Date: Monday 1 oct 2018 - Saturday 1 Jun 2019 Show map

Address: Sjøgata 14, 9008 Tromsø

Have you ever ride on snow and ice? Now you have a possibility to try!


Tromsø Outdoor offers for rent mountain bike hard tails from Merida with frame sizes 13,5", 15", 17", 19"and 21"

As soon as we have snow in Tromsø bikes will have winter studded tires Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro on the wheels. Before that you can rent these bikes with regular MTB tires.

When you rent the bike: a helmet, bicycle wire lock, repair kit with spare tube, pump, necessary keys for adjustments, lights mounted on the helmet, reflective vest are included.

We do not mount mud fenders on mountain bikes. Remember to have some wind and water proof jacket with you for the ride. Good hat and mittens are also a must and are not included in the rental rate (can be rented separately).

TIPS ON WHERE TO GO FOR A RIDE (click to open)

It is usually possible to ride a bike one size up or down from ideal

Recommended bike size:
13" - user height 145 - 160 cm
15" - user height 150 - 166 cm
17" - user height 165 - 180 cm
19" - user height 178 - 189 cm
21" - user height 180 - 190 cm

Rental rates:
1 day 300.00; 2 days 600.00; 3 days 840.00; 4 days 1060.00; 5 days 1260; every next day 200,00 NoK

1 day of rental = any time up to 24 hours

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