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  • 01. Touring Skis and Ski Touring Package (book just skis or skis and later add boots)

01. Touring Skis and Ski Touring Package (book just skis or skis and later add boots)

Address: Sjøgata 14, 9008 Tromsø Date: Wednesday 1 feb 2017 - Friday 30 Jun 2017

Address: Sjøgata 14, 9008 Tromsø

Tromsø Outdoor offers for rent top-notch touring skis Dynafit 2016 and 2017 models:
- Baltoro 2.0
- Manaslu 2.0
- Seven Summits 2.0 and Laila Peak
- Dhaulagiri

and news this season:
- Tromsø Outdoor Skis hand made for us in Tromsø by Twistem Skis

All skis come with Dynaft TLT Radical ST 2 Rental bindings, skin and ski crampons are included when you book the skis.

You can book just the skis or ski touring package - book the skis first and add boots using package price - 1 NoK.
If you book skis (included skins and ski crampons) alpine poles, are included as well.

Rental rate on Ski Touring Package:
skis, skins, ski crampons (poles and boots come without charge, poles are included, boots you need to add in addition and choose the size).
1 day NOK 500,-
2 days NOK 910,-
3 days NOK 1290,-
4 days NOK 1620,-
5 days NOK 1920,-
6 days NoK 2210,-
7 days NoK 2500,-
Every next day NOK 290,-

If you book just the skis with crampons and skins the costs are the same as for the package.

Most of the skis is available for rent from 1st of February, but some of them are ready from 1st of November, and can be rented if the snow conditions are good. Tromsø Outdoor reserves the right to cancel the reservations on skis if snow cover is not sufficient for skiing.


To find the details about each Tromsø Outdoor rental skis 2016/2017 season click on each particular ski on below list.

Tromsø Outdoor does NOT offer an insurance on the rented equipment and for it's users. Renters are liable for the lose, theft or damage of the equipment and must cover the cost of repairing or replacing it from own travel insurance or pocket. Tromsø Outdoor suggest you to organize insurance for yourself before you pick up the equipment.

For returning the skis after ordered period rental rates for additional days need to be paid. If you wish to keep the equipment longer check with us if it is still available first, if it will be booked by someone else you must bring the rentals back.

You should also remember to always carry an avalanche beacon, shovel and probe when travelling in avalanche terrain and know how to use them (you can rent avalanche equipment with us).

If you are experienced skier choose the skis based on your experience and preferences.
If you are not sure look on the suggestion below and book the skis that will reach to a level between your eyes and top of your head. If you are beginner chose rather shorter skis than longer.

Skier height / Skier height / suggested
in inches / in centimeters / ski length
4'8" / 142 cm / 130-145 cm
4'10" / 147 cm / 135-150 cm
5' / 152 cm / 135-155 cm
5'2" / 158 cm / 145-165 cm
5'4" / 163 cm / 150-170 cm
5'6" / 168 cm / 155-175 cm
5'8" / 173 cm / 160-180 cm
5'10" / 178 cm / 165-185 cm
6' / 183 cm / 170-190 cm
6'2" / 188 cm / 175-195 cm
6'4" / 193 cm / 180-200 cm

You can book just the skis or ski touring package - book the skis first and add boots using the package price discount.
If you book skis and boots - poles, skins and ski crampons are included.

1 day of rental = any time up to 24 hours.

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